Generosity: God's Key to Joyful Living


This 4 part sermon series comes with PowerPoints, 2 Bible Discussions and video's that powerfully illustrate this important virtue:

  • Part 1 - God's Generosity
  • Part 2 - Our Response 
  • Part 3 - Overcoming Obstacles to Generosity
  • Part 4 - Opportunities for Generosity



First 40 Days as a Young Christian



This 1st few weeks as a young disciple are critical. Helping young Christians to be grounded in good spiritual habits will greatly strengthen them against the temptations they will undoubtably face.

The First 40 days Booklet contains studies on:


  • Growing Roots
  • The Grace of God
  • A New Creation
  • Saved to Serve
  • Confessing Sin
  • Disputable Matters
  • The Grace of Giving
  • Going and Making Disciples
  • ...and many more 



Faith & Doubt



This Sermon Series explores the issues of the tension between faith & doubt. Is doubt always bad? How do we move from doubt to faith? What causes us to go the other way and move from faith to a place of doubt?

Part 1 - The Gift of Uncertainty

Part 2 - The Problem of Pain

Part 3 - When Doubt goes Bad

Each of these messages is in MS Word format and has a Keynote presentation included. (Please Note the File size is large with the Keynotes with an embedded video clip @100 MB)


15 Discipling Times for Young Christians




The first year as a young disciple is a very exciting and also a very scary time. The world still has a strong pull on those who have recently left it. Old habits die hard. Old friends still have a strong influence. It is crucial that Young Christians become grounded and rooted in the Word.

"15 Discipling Times for Young Christians" aims to do just that. Lessons are set out clearly and there is  a response section for further private study and reflections. The folowing topics are covered:







Nehemiah is such an amazing man of faith and the book of Nehemiah a rich source of encouragement to those who would dare to do great things for God.

These 5 Bible discussions will strengthen people’s convictions and spark interest to dive in deeper and learn from this very inspiring book in the bible.


The Biggest Sardine in the World



Holiday fun with the kids!


Introducing a new children's story book and quiet time series taken from the book of Proverbs. 

In the "Biggest Sardine in the World" we read about a little boy and his grandmother and his adventures with magic seeds. The story, like all of Jesus' parables, contains spiritual truths which you can then reinforce with the quiet times at the end of the book.

It is beautifully illustrated and will engage your young children in a fresh and innovative way.


Living God's Grace


The ‘Living God’s Grace’ Series

In this series of four Bible Discussions, we find out what is truly amazing about God’s Grace. Using selected parables, it shows that Jesus taught what is best for us. However, the series turns our conventional wisdom and understanding of what really works upside down.

The real challenge is to live our lives:
• Accepting Injustice
• Giving to the Undeserving
• Forgiving the Unchanging and
• Living with the Enemy.

An easily customised (MS Publisher) Invitation to the ‘Living God’s Grace’ Series is provided.

This series is specially appreciated by those who have been disciples for some time. It could be daunting for those who are struggling to accept that Jesus expects us to put all of his teachings into practice.