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The Healing of a Wounded Idealist - Sermon Series


It has been said "if you scratch under the surface of a cynic you will find a wounded idealist". Following on from Justin & Irene Renton's book is the accompanying sermon series.

The Four Part series includes:


A 3rd Helping of Ten Bible Talks for Every Occasion


Following on from our best selling series of Bible Discussions Booklets comes the 3rd Helping. Topics such as:

  • Changing your picture of Jesus
  • Keys to being an effective Listener
  • Dysfunction is the gift that keeps on giving in Parenting
  • Soul Food
  • Dealing with Disappointment



Don't just GO to Church, BE the Church


This five part sermon series challenges every Christian to not just GO to church, but to BE the church the way God intended.

It looks at the numerous methaphors found in the scriptures to describe Jesus’ church, and unpacks their implications and practical applications for us today.

(5 Powerpoints are included in the download & a graphic for invitations)

Audio versions of the lessons can be found here 


24 Discipling Times for Every Occasion


In Matthew 13:52 Jesus says: " Every student well-trained in God's kingdom is like the owner of a general store who can put his hands on anything you need, old or new, exactly when you need it."

  • The word "well-trained" comes from the greek μαθητεία which when directly translated is "discipled".
  • This booklet is designed with 24 DP Times. Each one takes one key scripture and thought, asks pertinent questions, that open discussions that can be used for training, mentoring and equipping. 



Generosity: God's Key to Joyful Living


This 4 part sermon series comes with PowerPoints, 2 Bible Discussions and video's that powerfully illustrate this important virtue:

  • Part 1 - God's Generosity
  • Part 2 - Our Response 
  • Part 3 - Overcoming Obstacles to Generosity
  • Part 4 - Opportunities for Generosity



First 40 Days as a Young Christian



This 1st few weeks as a young disciple are critical. Helping young Christians to be grounded in good spiritual habits will greatly strengthen them against the temptations they will undoubtably face.

The First 40 days Booklet contains studies on:


  • Growing Roots
  • The Grace of God
  • A New Creation
  • Saved to Serve
  • Confessing Sin
  • Disputable Matters
  • The Grace of Giving
  • Going and Making Disciples
  • ...and many more 



Faith & Doubt



This Sermon Series explores the issues of the tension between faith & doubt. Is doubt always bad? How do we move from doubt to faith? What causes us to go the other way and move from faith to a place of doubt?

Part 1 - The Gift of Uncertainty

Part 2 - The Problem of Pain

Part 3 - When Doubt goes Bad

Each of these messages is in MS Word format and has a Keynote presentation included. (Please Note the File size is large with the Keynotes with an embedded video clip @100 MB)


28 Days of Life Changing Quiet Times


Our daily Quiet Times are unquestionably the most important spiritual discipline we establish as disciples of Jesus. As we discover treasures hidden in God’s Word, it is food for our souls. As we meditate on God’s precepts, there is a renewing of our minds. As we hide God’s Word in our hearts we are transformed, strengthened and equipped to fight the spiritual battles that each of us face each day. 

Included at the end of this booklet is three articles on 'Overcoming Worry' in our lives, 'Dealing with Depression' and 'Coping with Grief'.